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Tally Introduction

At the outset, we introduce you with Gateway of Tally screen , the control center of Tally.
The Gateway of Tally screen contains 5 major areas :
-Product Info .
-Current Status .
-Tally Menu .
-Button Bar .
-Tally Calculator / Command line .
Brief details of each area of the Gateway of Tally screen are explained below :
Product Info
At the top part of Gateway of Tally screen, you get the following general particulars regarding
Tally software just loaded :
-Copyright Notice : Shows the Copyright Notice ( like Tally Solutions FZ -LLC , 1988-2006 ) .
-Version & Release : Tally Ver (like 9.0) and Release Number (like 1) .
-System Date : Shows the current system day & date (like Saturday , October 6, 2007).
-User Version : Shows the user version (like Tally Silver – Single User) .
-User Serial Number : Shows the Registration Serial Number (or EDUCATIONAL when
-System Time : Shows the current system time in HH:MM:SS format (like 18:00:31).
Current Status
At the left part of Gateway of Tally , you get the following information about current status .
-Current Period : Shows the current period selected through ALT+F2 button.
-Current Date : Shows the current date set through F2 button.
-Active Company : Shows the last selected company (the company you are currently working
with ).
-Selected Company : All the companies selected.
Tally Menu
At right part of the Gateway screen , the Gateway of Tally Menu appears showing the list of
Menu Options. Select a Menu Item to invoke a task . You may have to drill down several levels of
Menu till you reach the menu option to invoke the desired task .
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Notes Prepared By Biswajit Banerjee for Lalani Computer Academy’s Student

Button Bar
At rightmost part of the Gateway , the Button Bar shows several buttons (the buttons vary
according to screen in work area). Depending on various option set, some buttons may be
inactive(the inactive button are dimmed). These Buttons provide quick and direct access to
various options & tasks.

Tally Calculator / Command Line
While working with Tally , press Ctrl+N to activate Calculator / Command line area to make an
arithmetical calculation and also paste the result in any numerical input field.


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